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K-8 Student Art Contest

The Hispanic Roundtable and Esperanza Inc., this Hispanic scholarship fund, are hosting a student art contest and auction as part of this year’s Convención Hispana. The contest is open to all CMSD students in grades K-8.

Contest Details & Official Rules
Each entry will be judged based on skill level (with consideration to age of student), adherence to theme, and creativity.

THEME: How do you want people in your community to view the Hispanic culture?
This theme is wide and open to interpretation for a reason. We want the students to feel free to go in any direction they feel.

Official Rules:

  1. Students must be in grades K-8 during the 2016-17 academic school year 
  2. One entry per student is permitted
  3. Entries must follow theme
  4. Entries can be made from any type of media — marker, pencil, charcoal, pastels, paints, mixed media, collage, etc.  
  5. Computer images are permitted but must be original artwork
  6. Photographs are permitted but must be original artwork
  7. Entries must be the sole work of student
  8. Artwork must be completed on A4 (standard 8.5 x 11) size paper or A3 (11 x 16)

Nine prizes will be presented to winning student artists at Convención on Saturday October, 8th. Categories are as follows:

Grades K-2
1st prize: $75
2nd prize: $50
3rd prize: $25

Grades 3-5
1st prize: $75
2nd prize: $50
3rd prize: $25

Grades 6-8
1st prize: $75
2nd prize: $50
3rd prize: $25

Students must submit artwork to art teacher by Friday, September 23rd. All submissions must include an entry form affixed to the back of the artwork. [Download form here: Art Contest Entry Form – Google Docs] We will display ALL artwork submissions at Convención Hispana. If you are unable to submit artwork through an art teacher, please contact us at the e-mail address listed below and we will arrange an alternative method for you.

Judging will take place one week before Convención and prizes will be presented the day of the event, October 8th. Judges will include local artists and one member of the Hispanic Roundtable. Students will be notified if their artwork has received a prize before the event. Prize winners and all participants are encouraged to attend Convención to see their work displayed and enjoy the rest of the assembly.

All submitted artwork will be auctioned off at Convención with 100% of the proceeds going to Esperanza Inc. If a student would prefer to opt out of the auction, please select the “NO” option on the submission form. Opting out of the auction does not affect a child’s chance of winning a prize.

Please direct any questions to the Convención Art Committee at art4convencion@gmail.com