About the Hispanic Roundtable

The Hispanic Roundtable is a not for profit organization whose mission is “to act as a catalyst to empower the Hispanic Community to become full partners in economic, education, political, civic and social life of Greater Cleveland.”

Convención Hispana is a one-day community organizing event sponsored by the Hispanic Roundtable Community Programs, but it is also a three-year process of community empowerment and agenda setting. This process is spearheaded through the work of four volunteer-led committees that focus on the areas of education, empowerment, health, and workforce/economic development. At each Convención Hispana, these committees set forth goals and objectives in their respective areas that will be accomplished by the committees and community partners prior to the next Convención Hispana. Each Convención Hispana is an opportunity to report back on our progress from the previous event. The next Convención Hispana is October 8, 2016.